Independent Game Developer TIDWELL PRODUCTIONS debuts an exciting new THEATRICAL CARD GAME called BREAK-A-LEG

Greensboro NC, July 6, 2020 - Tidwell Productions LLC announces a funding campaign to introduce their dynamic interactive theatre-based educational tabletop card gaming experience on Kickstarter. Reasonably priced, this Made-in-USA Pick and Pass game is fun, exciting, easy to learn, and welcoming to all ages and skill levels.

In development for more than four years, BREAK-A-LEG -The Card Game encompasses the mission of Tidwell Productions combining theatre knowledge, interactive gameplay, and competitive spirit to allow players to better understand the basic structure of theatre and gain an appreciation for the elements essential to all theatrical performances. Easy to learn, this dynamic 144-card game contains gameplay challenges even experienced gamers will appreciate and utilize in developing offensive and defensive strategies to outwit their opponents.

Project backers will also have unique access to development and game evolutionary process information as well as updates on the campaign. Many support levels include a carefully crafted Print-and-Play version to allow backers to preview gameplay prior to receiving the final USA-made game in the mail. Showing support is easy through pledge levels on the Kickstarter webpage with the deluxe version starting at a reasonable $35 and a simple Print-and-Play version at $8. Additionally, there are videos introducing the game, demonstrating typical gameplay, and illustrating basic game development that can be viewed at the Kickstarter Campaign website.

Play-tested at area gaming shops, in the academic classroom and at conventions, BREAK-A-LEG -The Card Game has received great reviews from hard-core gamers, students, and faculty alike. The game elements allow newcomers to enjoy the same wonderful competitive satisfaction that repeat and regular game enthusiasts expect and appreciate.

Backing BREAK-A-LEG -The Card Game is an opportunity you need to explore early and an experience you will want to share with Gamers, Educators, and just about anyone who has a desire to have a relaxing evening of fun competitive play … and learn a bit about producing a theatrical show. Tidwell Productions LLC is a North Carolina, family based, entity that believes in combining education, gaming, and theatre, with a profound respect for all individuals regardless of ethnicity, beliefs, or sexual identity. We attempt to reflect this diversity acceptance in the games we develop and our depiction of the characters illustrated in our games. Visit us at

Feel free to send us comments or questions, and please do support BREAK-A-LEG -The Card Game on Kickstarter. Stay safe and thank you for supporting the arts.

David, Jody & Aaron Tidwell
Tidwell Productions LLC
(336) 763-3370
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Break a Leg. The Theatrical Card Drafting Game.

Break a Leg is the new fast-paced card drafting game from Tidwell Productions. Take on the role of a theatrical producer and hire the best cast, creative, and crew, and foil the plans of your opposing producers! Buy Now on the Tidwell Productions Shop!